Wednesday, 14 March 2012


In February this blog had its 2000th pageview. It's now sitting on 2256.

February was the month with the highest pageviews during this blog's existence sofar, reaching 653 (the same number as during October & November 2011 combined, when I was blogging during my travels and volunteering in Palestine).

During February, the highest traffic posts were Interview with the Palestinian People's Party, On Revolutionary Organisations Today (which is the highest individual post, with 212 discrete pageviews), and Eyewitness - Occupy Sydney - Day 116.

My biggest sources of traffic have been Facebook (where my post of On Revolutionary Organisations Today started exactly the kind of small-minded sectarian infighting between socialists that I was writing against), The Moor Next Door, Wikipedia and LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

With these things in mind, I'm going to be writing some posts about Australian politics in March, as well as Arab world politics.

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