Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Terminator Line

The terminator line is the line on a planetary surface where daylight begins and ends. I thought it was a suitable enough way to reimagine this blog: I've seen my fair share of sunrises and sunsets moving across the landscape below from red eye flights in my recent months of budget travelling and freelance writing. For that matter, I've seen plenty of them from buses, trains or taxis here on solid land; I've looked out the window after the call to prayer wakeup to catch the dawn, and I've sat with a Stella and watched the sun set behind new horizons.

The title is a little bit philosophical, too. The start of something new always means the end of what came before it.

Thawra Eyewitness spoke to me in 2011, and for me it still encapsulates the heady excitement of being in the Arab world in that year of overthrown dictators and masses in motion. But here and now in 2015, things are different. For me, I'm no longer a full-time activist; I've given up my roles in the Socialist Alliance, and I'm less an eyewitness and more a writer. And for the Arab world, the revolution is over... bukrah.